Weekend Wrap Up

February 22, 2016

Whew what a weekend we had!
Mostly low key, but lots and lot of family fun, which seems to be happening more often...
to the dismay of my daughter of course!

Friday night Bella had a kid's night out at her martial arts school, so Eric and I met up with friends for a drink, then headed to see Deadpool.

Holy crap it was seriously one of the funniest movies I've seen in forever!
We laughed out loud numerous times throughout the movie.

Saturday I woke up early and went for a run while the sun was coming up.
Still my ultimate favorite me time is weekend mornings running & watching the sunrise. 

After getting done & ready, Bella and I had a girl's day!
Eric went to play golf with friends, so we went and ordered her birthday cake,
bought goodie bags, and did a little bit of shopping along the way.
She finished off by going to Urban Air to do a little jumping!

We even managed to get one of her good friends to come to dinner with our family 
and have a sleepover. She was insanely excited & I was exhausted! 

Sunday we booked our Gulf Shores, Alabama vacation!

Holy crap how gorgeous! 
Only downside is I wish we were there now!

We also worked on Bella's science project.

Yep we finally got the "making a volcano erupt" science kit! 
We were laughing like crazy and how much it "blew up"!

We finished the night by watching Bella stuff as many balloons into her (she stole her Daddy's) pj's 
and dance around the living room!
And yes, I of course took pictures!
I told her I'll save this one for her 1st boyfriend!
I love being a mom! 

Happy Monday!
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