Weekend Wrap Up

March 20, 2016

I know I know I've been MIA on here lately, but it's been a rough week in the Munoz Family.
Eric's Grandmother passed away last week, and we were in Port Lavaca with family end of the week.
We're doing good and Eric is doing much better now.
We're so thankful we got to see her the day before she passed. 
God Bless her & we know she is in Heaven with Grandpa Munoz now.

Bella was so good during the funeral and everything, we decided to take her to the beach before heading home Friday afternoon.

The weather was perfect & the water wasn't too cold!
Bella was so happy to see a beach and the ocean again!

We went to the beach in Port Lavaca when Bella was 7 & I being the blogger Mommy I am, made her take the same picture again!
She looks so grown up to me now versus then...
For the rest of the weekend, we did a bunch of errands & Saturday night I went to my friend Sonia's for a girl's night in. 
Although I met most of these ladies that night, we all had the best time!
So much delicious food & wine!
Thank you to Sonia for hosting a wonderful party!

Now it's Sunday and Eric is putting in a new kitchen sink (thank goodness!!)
We've desperately needed one & so far it's looking good! Ha!
Can you tell he was excited to get rid of the old one?!
Here's the sink as of now... should be done by midnight or so! 

Isn't it pretty though?!
Can't wait for the finished product!

Hoping this week will be a lot better than last & will definitely try posting more often!
Fingers crossed!

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