April 12, 2016

I literally blog about this every year and every year it still is the best time for the best cause.

It's a pub crawl where all the proceeds go to cancer research in your area. 
It's an amazingly fun time & we haven't missed a year since it started in Austin!
(Literally! This will be our 9th year to crawl!)

Teams of 10-12 people go to 5 bars downtown (walking of course!), where they drink 4 pitchers of beer per bar. (If my good ole' math is correct, that's 20 pitchers per team!)
My group always has the most fun and can't wait for the next one. 

If you want to learn more about it or see if there is a crawl in your town, please click on the link above and enjoy!

Here's to another amazing crawl!!
(By the way, Austin's crawl is June 25th but registration is open)
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