Weekend Wrap Up - Rained Out Edition

May 16, 2016

Well this weekend started off right and kinda ended as bummer...
Stupid rain we've been getting in Austin this month is ruining everyone's plans!
(Baby violin would start playing now!)

So Friday night we went out with our best friends and our kiddos to Mellow Mushroom. It's a yummy pizza place that has amazing drinks & Bella loves the atmosphere. 
It was a perfect evening, except for one thing...
The husband's pizza never came out.
Kellie & Kenzie got theirs, 
Bella & I got ours...
No Dad's pizza.
The manager came to let us know it was running a few minutes behind, so no worries. 
About 45 minutes later... still no pizza.
He then came back and proceeded to tell us the cook dropped it on the floor getting it out of the oven. Wow...
So they ended up giving us a NEW & FREE pizza plus a free dessert for the wait!
Here's the missing pizza in all it's glory!


Saturday morning, we went with one of Bella's best friend's family back to Fiesta Texas. (Anyone keeping track, this would make the 3rd weekend in a row we've gone!)
We got on the Boomerang right when it opened and the kids loved it!

We made our way over to the Batman ride & got all the way to the front, when they proceeded to tell us they are shutting ALL roller coasters down due to oncoming storms.
So we left the line, walked around for around 3 hours playing games and trying to wait out the storms, until we finally gave up and went home. 
The kids won a ton of cool prizes...

And even the dad's got in on the fun!

Hey who says you can't have fun in the rain?!
We ended up doing a little shopping to cheer Bella up once we finally made it back to Austin.

Sunday I got to enjoy my Mother's Day gifts...
A one-hour massage & a pedicure!
And nope no pictures taken because lez be honest, I was relaxing way too much to think about taking a picture!

Happy Monday!

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