Wishing Everyone...

June 30, 2016

A very happy & SAFE 4th of July!!
Hope your weekend is spent celebrating our freedom 
with your family and friends!

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What a Weekend!

June 27, 2016

Warning: Tons of pictures today!!

This weekend flew by and I am wishing it was still here!
Friday afternoon Bella graduated to BROWN BELT! 
She's officially a high belt now & we're so proud of her!

Momma even got to put her brown belt on for the 1st time!
Can you tell she was so excited?! 
She's been on a low lately with martial arts, 
mainly because she had to go so often, 
but having the brown belt and knowing she is a high belt makes all the difference!

We always take a picture with her right after graduation!
Thank you to Grandma & Grandpa for coming to watch her graduate!

Saturday was our 9th annual Crawl for Cancer Austin!
(Here's where the insane amount of pictures kicks in!)

The whole reason we crawl (other than it's a blast!) is to raise money for cancer research,
Above are the names of family, friends, and loved ones we've lost or are fighting the battle against this terrible disease! 
My mom's name has been up there for the last 9 years.
I do this in memory of her.

We had quite a large crawl team this year!
And seriously had the best people crawling with us!
Everyone had such a great time!

This is one of my sweet friends, Paula!
Her son & Bella are super close and we've become close too!
It was her and Jason's 1st crawl & they had a blast!

My 2 besties! 
Sonia (above) & Sandra (below) have crawled with us since it started!
We try never to miss it & seriously it wouldn't be the same without either of them!

Eric & I have such a great time crawling!
We always look forward to it every year!

The girls (and my BIL Mark!) are such amazing girls!
Each one of them are insanely sweet, smart, and all around amazing women!
I'm so glad we all got to crawl together & hope they get to next year as well!

Now it's Monday morning and reality of the week is hitting me...
At least there's a 3 day weekend to look forward to! 
Happy Monday!
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Newest Obsession

June 21, 2016

I decided to give in before we went to the beach 
and spend a crazy amount on a primer I've been wanting.

Holy goodness it's amazing!
Seriously I am obsessed with this primer.
I even wear it with my moisturizer on days I don't feel like wearing makeup!
(AKA Sunday)
And it makes my face look so perfect and like I'm glowing!
Yes it's definitely expensive, but worth the price!

I also ended up getting a sample in the Sephora Play! Box this month!
(If you haven't heard of it look it up!)

Next time you're in Sephora look for this and try it out
You will love it!

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Catching Up

June 20, 2016

I'm so sorry it's been forever since I blogged, 
I'll tell you the last month has been insane and blogging definitely went on the back burner. 
But I'm back (hopefully!) and wanted to catch up a little bit!

The very end of May I was diagnosed with Bronchitis 
and was literally laid up on a couch for almost a week.
It was the week before our annual South Padre vacation 
& I made sure I would be okay by Saturday to go!

The 1st week of June after Bella got out of school, we headed to South Padre.
This is the 4th year we've made it down.
Eric's family all goes and we have the best time!
This was the first night, we all went out to dinner.
The rest of the week, we switch off families on whose cooking that night!

Bella even got to drive a speed boat on the ocean!
She was in Heaven she had so much fun!

We stopped at our favorite place called Wanna Wanna and split and burger and fries.
They really have amazing burgers there!

Such a great vacation!

When we got back we've been going to summer camps, working, etc.
Saturday was Eric's 35th birthday and we celebrated in style!

Eric & I took a mini vacation to San Antonio!
We stayed overnight at the Westin Riverwalk & this was our view!
We had the absolute best time!
We went to a few bars & restaurants and just enjoyed our little date weekend!

This weekend coming is our 9th annual Crawl for Cancer!
We have a huge team this year and can't wait to crawl!
So hopefully, I'll get back into blogging more! 
Fingers Crossed!

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