Holy Hell Batman

August 12, 2016

 what a number...

Sunday I will be turning the big 35. 
How the heck did I get to 35?! 
I swear I just turned 30!

First off, I LOVE my 30's! 
It's been such a great decade for me.
My 20's were awesome because I got married and had Bella, 
but 30's I feel like I really know who I am 
& better than that...
I could care less what people think of me!

So we will be in New Orleans the night before my birthday,
where else would I be?!
Am I going to party all night?
I'm going to go bowling with my daughter.
Granted it will be bowling with some yummy drinks in my hand, 
but spending it celebrating with my family none the less.

I don't have many ideas of what to expect this coming year,
but I pray it'll be another great year.

So here's to 35, 
may she be fearless, loving, happy, 
and above all, 
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