November 21, 2016


When this was my old blog I would regularly post new products and things 
I was absolutely obsessed with.
Makeup, clothes, shoes, movies, TV shows, etc.
I have a problem with falling in love with way too many products!
So I have to keep the tradition going!

Here's just a few of my newest obsessions:

This is my absolute favorite sports bra!
I ended up buying 4 of them on vacation I loved them so much!
They are perfect for runners and really hold your babies in place!
Plus super cute and so comfy!
They only cost $20 too! 
(And note: I just checked their website and all sports bras are 50% off 
right now, which makes this bra $10!!)

I got this also on vacation at Sephora and fell in love!
I've heard such great things about this foundation and 
all of them are true!
Super easy to blend, lasts all day, and makes my skin look amazing!
I don't see myself changing foundations any time soon.

I never understood why so many people would pay $35 for tweezers,
until I gave in and bought them. 
They really are the best at getting those small hairs 
and are extremely sharp.
(I almost cut my eyebrow the first time!)

So far this is my updated obsessions.
I'm sure with the holidays coming it will change,
although I plan on using all of the above 
often and don't plan on giving them up.

What are you obsessed with?

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