Packing for Vegas

November 8, 2016

Eric & I usually go to Vegas once a year with friends.
It's his favorite place to travel, so we make sure and go yearly.
I am by no means the best person to give Vegas advice, 
but I can hopefully help you to save money!

1) Coconut Water - This sounds funny, and it doesn't taste the best, but the mornings after in Vegas are usually hangovers, so make sure and bring coconut water to hydrate before you start drinking again!

2) Aspirin/Tylenol - See #1.

3) Jacket - If it's spring or fall, bring a light jacket. Winter, heavy coat. I'm from Austin, so anything under 40 degrees is freezing to me, and those Vegas nights in the middle of the desert get downright chilly!

4) Good Pair of Shoes - You walk every where in Las Vegas. We rarely take cabs unless it's to downtown or the airport. Everywhere on the strip we walk. Last year we walked over 14 miles in one day. Bring good shoes. You will need them!

5) Money - I feel like this one is an obvious one, but seriously, whether you gamble, shop, watch shows, or love to eat, you will need lots of money to cover everything! 

No matter what, have fun and enjoy yourself in Vegas. 
There's no where else like it!
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