November 7, 2016

To update on my blogs last week: 

We had our girl's night in Friday night and it was a blast!
These girls are amazing & we always have the best time together!

Also about the booties I blogged about last week.
I ended up getting these...

Image result for madden girl grayson boots
Yeah so I tried multiple booties on and they are not made for short girls!
They made my legs even shorter, so I got these cute pair of boots!
Can't wait to wear them in Vegas!

On a whole other note,
I am not very political person in any sense,
but I hope everyone gets out there tomorrow to vote!

I actually voted on the first day of early voting,
but if you haven't I beg you to vote. 

Now I will go finish my laundry and start packing!
I am way too excited to get out of town soon!
 photo 3_zpsxmppg7vk.jpg

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