Vegas Time

November 17, 2016

Wow what a vacation!

We flew into Las Vegas last Saturday and had an easy going day.
The race was Sunday, so we took it easy until then.

Sunday afternoon we got to see Snopp Dogg concert before they ran. 
It was awesome and Kelli, Kellie, & Eric 
all did an amazing run on their half/full marathons!

The rest of the vacation was shopping, eating, & partying!
And man was it fun!!

The 6 of us made it downtown Monday night
and it was insanely fun!
Live bands, slots, adult milkshakes, it was a crazy night!

Vegas is always such a great time, but man am I glad to be home!
This was the last picture I took as we were leaving Nevada.
The mountains are amazing there.

Something about coming home that makes everything better to me.
Seeing my daughter again,
Sleeping in my own bed,
Seeing my puppies,
Just the smell and feel of being in the place I belong.

It was a great vacation to say the least,
and one I will definitely never forget!

 photo 3_zpsxmppg7vk.jpg

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