Love Beyond Words

December 14, 2016

I wanted to take a minute out of my day and remind myself to stop and breathe.
Cherish the holidays with my family,
spend as much time as possible with my daughter,
and enjoy my life just a little more.

Bella turns 10 next month,
and it feels like time with her is dwindling.
Pretty soon she's not going to want to sit in my arms and cuddle,
tell me all the funny things that happened at school,
climb into our bed when she's had a nightmare,
or beg me not to leave when we take her somewhere.

Before we know it she will be sharing secrets with her friends,
instead of her parents,
she will want to go on dates with boys,
instead of Mommy & Me day,
and I will watch her grow into a beautiful, amazing woman
before my eyes.

So until that time, I will cherish the moments we spend together,
going to movies, 
checking out Christmas lights,
laughing at the funny things that happened at school today,
and I will know that no matter how many pictures I take,
how many blogs I post about her,
how many times I hug her and tell her I love her,
it won't be enough.
For she will one day be a little too far out of my reach.
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