Weekend Posting

December 13, 2016

This past weekend seemed to fly by, except for Sunday.
Saturday we took Bella to Fiesta Texas 
to Holiday in the Park.
2 words: Cold & Rainy.
It sucked.
I'm not sure if you can tell by the pictures,
but it was so cold we all froze!
We only lasted 3 hours before giving in and heading home.
We did get on all the open rides,
and luckily no lines 
(Hmmm wonder why?!)

Man Bella & I can rock some beanies!
(I wear them CONSTANTLY in the Winter!)

Saturday night we went to a friend's 40th birthday party!
Parker and his wife Tasha threw him an awesome birthday
at a bar in the Domain.
It was a blast!
Loved seeing people we haven't seen in years!
Such a fun time!
Little did we know all 3 of us would pay for Six Flags on Sunday!
We all were sick and feeling terrible all day.
Luckily we got our fun in the day before,
because none of us got off the couch Sunday!

Here's to a new week
filled with Christmas wrapping,
and spending time with the 2 people I love the most!

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