Happy Easter

April 16, 2017

We celebrated Easter a day early with Eric's family.
It was perfect, bbq, Easter egg hunt, swimming, etc.
We all had a great time!

How rare when we all get dressed up!
Here's an action shot from yesterday...
We love smashing cascarones on each other,
even the babies get a kick out of it!

Today we went to church to celebrate Easter,
then headed home to clean inside and outside.
Woo!! We're exciting!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful Easter.
Blogging will commence again soon! 
(With longer posts as well!)

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Man How I Love Weekends!

March 26, 2017

We really do have some of the best weekends together. 
Friday night we went to Pluckers with our good friends and caught up on life,
but ended the night early since Bella had pictures & a double header the next day.

Saturday morning we were up bright & early for softball!
The Wildfire (Bella's softball team) did awesome 
and won both games!
Us Momma's cheered the whole time for them!

After the games we took Bella & her twin,
aka best friend, Allison to the Round Rock Express
Fan Fare Day!
Seriously, they look like twins!
We get asked all the time if I love having twin girls!
They're great girls, and we love letting them have 
as much fun as possible!

Bella tried out her pitching skills on the diamond
and didn't do too badly...
minus almost hitting Eric once!

Saturday night was pj's and movie at home night.
And we loved it!

Sunday we celebrate Cansas' last girls day in style!
me, Sonia, Cansas, Sara, & Tin

These are most of the girls (minus Sandra!) I posted about last week.
They're so awesome & we always have a great time together!
Cansas is going to be missed like crazy,
but we're so happy for you getting to move home.
Love you!
Love love love these ladies!

We're ending the night with grilled spare ribs,
tv, and family time.
My perfect end to a perfect weekend.
Bring on Monday!
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Just Keep Going

March 24, 2017

As you probably know, 
I'm a gym rat. 
I go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week,
plus run on weekends (when possible).

Do I love the gym? NO.
Do I look forward to working out? HELL NO.
I go because I love to eat & drink wine.
I go because I want my daughter to grow up
knowing hard work pays off.
To know it doesn't matter if you're skinny,
as long as your healthy and take care of yourself.

There's been so many times I've wanted to drive right by my gym,
but I go. I sweat my butt off, but I go.
I love being in shape & looking fit.
I love seeing the results of my hard work.
And I love that Belle knows that keeping fit 
doesn't mean not eating,
it means keeping your body healthy.

So anyone just starting out,
or those trying to get back into it.


You know you can do it,
don't ever give up on yourself!
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My Girls

March 22, 2017

See I have this set group of girls that get together at least once a month.
They're all amazing in their own ways,
but together we are insane, fearless, & have the best time.
We meet for drinks, dinner, at someone's house, and this weekend brunch!
These girls are ones we can always talk about anything to.
The kind we can send a mass text about anything,
big or small, and they will all text back to help!
A few girls come and go from the group but the main ones
will never leave,
even if they move away,
they will always be our girls!
I feel like every woman,
no matter what age,
should have their girls.
The ones you can turn to any time you need.
I love these girls, and know we will always
be the closest girls we can be.

Love you all & Cansas we will miss you terribly!
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2 Months?!

March 19, 2017

First off, how has it been 2 months since I've blogged?! 
I do apologize for being a crappy blogger, 
but life took hold and hasn't slowed down.

Lots of changes happened...
I got a new job working for an amazing doctor & PA's 
here in Austin. I work part time, so I still get to spend plenty
of time with Bella after school. 

Bella started back in softball and has become a 1st baseman. 
She looks awesome and we're so proud of her!
The day after her 1st game, Bella had a recital at school.
She looked beautiful and so grown up. 
Bella & her best friend Allison, team mates & best friends!
They both looked so pretty and did such a great job singing.

We've been traveling around Texas a lot on weekends
until softball gets into full swing.
We went to the Alamo & Riverwalk yesterday and had a great time!

We've also been lucky enough to spend some time with friends, 
having girl's nights, bridesmaid's dress shopping, etc.
Last night we got to spend the evening with friends on the lake,
watching the sunset & drinking yummy margaritas!
It was amazing!

The next coming months will revolve around work,
school, softball, & most importantly FAMILY.

Let's hope I can start blogging more than once every couple of months as well!
Fingers crossed!
Thanks for sticking around!
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Weekend Off

January 19, 2017

Last weekend was a weird one for us.
Bella went to church camp for the 3 day weekend 
and honestly Eric & I didn't know what to do with ourselves!

Friday night we went out with our best friends to dinner 
and a piano bar. 
We had such a fun time!
Inside joke, when we were in Vegas we went to a dueling piano bar
that ended the night with Africa by Toto!
Who even plays that at piano bars?!

When we went into Rockey's Friday night,
I said if we hear Africa, I'm out!
It played close to the end of the night and we all 4 left after it ended!
We were laughing so hard that we heard it!

Saturday we decided to stay all day in our PJ's, 
watch movies, and do absolutely nothing!
It was glorious!!

We decided to make Sunday a day date,
so we went to Jack Allen's for brunch,
it was AMAZING!!
So delicious!! 
 Afterwords, we went and saw the new Ben Afleck movie,
and we liked it!
I'm not a huge fan of his, but the movie was pretty darn good!
We spend the evening watching the Cowboy's game
(Let's not speak about that!)
And just hanging out.

Monday Bella came back from camp.
It was raining most of the weekend so the picture below 
shows her on Friday evening about to depart,
and how she was once she got back home!
Let's just say we've been exhausted,
gone to 2 doctors,
and finally made it back to school today!

This coming weekend we are in Bella's 10th Birthday preparation mode!
She turns the big 10 next Thursday!!
Where did the time go?!
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Bathroom Remodel Reveal

January 11, 2017

It's time to reveal our half bath!
This was a huge difference,
We changed out the sink, 
painted, new floors, etc.
It was definitely hard work, 
but it was all worth it!

One more before picture:
Ugh hated that sink!!

Now for the reveal:
Is it not amazing?!
Seriously, I can't get over how good it looks!
I wish the pictures did it justice.
Holy smokes it is just so pretty!
We still have a little painting and edging to do,
but overall I'm just so darn happy!

I said it yesterday, but I have to say it again,
to my husband and father in law!
They're hard work really paid off 
and we couldn't be more proud!

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Big Remodel Reveal #1

January 10, 2017

I know I've been MIA on this blog for quite a while, 
but BIG THINGS have happened lately 
and it's kept me quite busy!

One of the biggest things being we remodeled our downstairs!
The picture above is before with our original carpet that was 
Who puts white carpet in a house?! 
Moving on...

Here's another before picture from a different angle:

For 2 weeks my husband and his dad worked tirelessly making our floors look amazing!
Ready for the reveal?!

And the kitchen...

We are SO HAPPY with how it turned out!!
It makes a world of difference in our home,
we couldn't be happier.

Thank you to my amazing husband & his awesome Dad 
for making our house look so much better!

Tomorrow (hopefully!)
I will show the before and after of our half bath.
It's COMPLETELY remodeled!

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