Fudge Pie

November 22, 2017

I made this twice for Thanksgiving this year 
(the newest one is in the oven and my house smells like chocolate!)
Sunday at an early Thanksgiving dinner,
everyone loved it!
Let's hope it happens again tomorrow!

I got the recipe from Southern Living,
so if you want the original version click there!

Here we go!


2/3 cup evaporated milk
6 oz. semi-sweet chocolate morsels
2 tablespoons butter
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons all purpose flour
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1 cup chopped pecans (optional)
9 in pie crust shell (I got chocolate one)
Ice cream (optional)


Step 1:
Preheat oven to 375°. Microwave the first 3 ingredients in a large microwave-safe bowl at HIGH 1 to 1 1/2 minutes or until melted and smooth, whisking at 30-second intervals.
Whisk sugar and flour into the chocolate mixture. 
Add eggs, 1 at a time, whisking just until blended after each addition. Whisk in vanilla and salt. 
Stir in chopped pecans. Pour the mixture into pie shell.
Bake at 375° for 35 to 40 minutes or until set. Cool 10 minutes before serving.

 Serve with ice cream.

Hope everyone that makes this pie loves it like we do!
From all of us The Munoz Family...
Enjoy your Thanksgiving! 

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Thanksgiving Plans

November 14, 2017

This year will be one of the first years we've spent home for Thanksgiving.
Usually we go to Eric's parents' house or my family's house, 
but this year it's going to be the 3 of us at our own home!

And we're pretty darn excited!
We plan on staying in pj's all day,
watching the Christmas parade in the morning,
movies all day, 
cooking a delicious meal,
and watching the Cowboy's play!

I am in a wedding the weekend right after Thanksgiving,
so we are staying home and having our own little celebration.

I am planning on making a turkey (of course!), rice & gandules,
mashed potatoes, dressing, rolls, 
and home made Fudge Pie!

I've never made it before, 
so fingers crossed, 
it tastes delicious!

If so, I'll be posting the recipe on here the week of Thanksgiving, 
in case you need any last minute recipes!

We're also decorating the house in Christmas style next week!
I figure the week of Thanksgiving is a good time to 
go red, green, & gold!

The holidays are upon us, 
and I for one
am overwhelmingly excited!
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End of the Softball Season

November 13, 2017

As a family I don't know if we're relieved or saddened
at the end of the Fall softball season. 

But Belle's team definitely went out with a bang!

These girls had an All Star Tournament this weekend 
and got 3rd place!

They went undefeated Friday, Saturday, & Sunday morning!
They all played so hard and fought to the last minute!

We were so proud of these girls 
and all of their hard work!

We spent the most of the weekend on the fields,
and even though we didn't win, 
they walked away proud of the way they played!

Softball season has ended,
and our evenings and weekends are free.
We excited to have some time together just the 3 of us,
but will also miss her team.

Until next season....

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Weekend Wrap Up

November 6, 2017

Oh what a weekend!
We started with the Austin Spurs game Friday night.
Bella's choir sung the National Anthem before the game stared.

The 3 of us before her choir performance!

Walking out to sing the National Anthem!

They did great and we stayed the whole time.
The Spurs won by 40 points that night!

Saturday morning was Bella's last game with Blue Thunder.
They came back in the last inning to tie the game!
Way to go girls!
This team did great this season going 14-7-1!

Right after the game, you could tell they were all a little worn out after a great game!
They got their medals afterwards, 
it was a bittersweet ending to a great season!

We finished the day off right,
going to watch the Longhorn Softball team!

They ended up winning 7-1!
We came home to watch The Horns football team on tv,
but they didn't do as well... 
not our season!

Sunday was a bunch of running around, 
followed by me making homemade lasagna!

I got it from The Pioneer Woman.
It turned out AMAZING!!
Bella & Eric loved it!!

Now we start a week of all star softball practices,
choir performances, 
and the all star softball tournament this weekend!

One day our lives will settle down and return to normal,
but for now, 
we're pretty happy being insanely busy!

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Forcing the Gym

November 3, 2017

This morning I woke up with my husband and daughter 
to get her ready for school. 
I also told Eric that he had no choice but to go to the gym with me.

Did he try to say no? Yep.
Did I let him get out of it? Nope.

We dropped Bella off at school, then headed for the gym.
I went to do the elliptical and he went to weights.
We worked out for 45 minutes,
and once done; he said thank you for forcing me to do this.
I needed it.

Here's the thing...
You might not want to go.
You probably don't want to wake up and go for a run.
But you should.
Because when you're done, you're proud.
You're proud of the person you're becoming.
Proud that you pushed through the exhaustion, 
and forced your body to get a good workout in.

You're also done for the day!
You don't have to worry about going after work,
or the end of the night,
you've done your workout,
you have energy for the day,
and you don't have to worry about it until tomorrow!

Get up, get out there, and see just how far you can go!

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Halloween Recap

November 1, 2017

For the first time since I think I moved to Austin,
Halloween was actually COLD!!
It poured while I got Bella ready for trick or treating, 
but cleared up long enough for the kids to go out!

Bella's costume:
She was a killer clown!

And she looked adorable!
It took us around 45 minutes to do her makeup,
but she loved it!

We went over to her friend's house to trick or treat 
and they had a great time!
Bella & Connor
We stopped by their house on the way!
Bella loved Connor's costume, and we tried taking pictures forward
and realized this was the best!

Bella & Allison

They both looked adorable!
Bella as a killer clown & Allison as a dead 50's girl.

Their dads took them to a haunted house,
while I got to catch up with her mom for a bit.
Then we switched off and took them trick or treating.

Got back just in time for the rain to start pouring down!
Overall, a successful & fun Halloween night!

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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2017

So here in Austin area it's drizzling and in the 50's... 
perfect Halloween weather!

Bella has choir practice after school, 
then will head home to get dressed and ready 

I'll be posting pictures of her in costume tomorrow!
Hope everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween!

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What a Weekend!

October 29, 2017

This weekend our entire time centered around....
(Shocking I know!)

Belle's team had a tournament in Round Rock this weekend.

A cold front came in Friday morning & they played amazing even in 40 degree weather!
The had 2 games Friday night that they won both games!
We celebrated with hot chocolate and the fireplace on when we got home.
Literally thawing out! 

Saturday we had 3 games and won 2 out of 3.
Seriously these girls really put their hearts into this tournament.
This was the last game Saturday night that they won 15-2! 

Sunday we came back for a 3rd day and 
ended up getting out of the tournament 
after the first game. 
We were all so proud of them!
Isn't she adorable?! I might be biased but she is beautiful!

We met up with friends for lunch Sunday and let the girls hang out before dinner.
Seriously, these girls have come together as a team more than any team I have seen before!
We're so proud and we have one game left for the season!

Other than that, we did NOTHING this weekend.
We froze, we cheered, we celebrated.
Amazing weekend.

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Where Have I Been?!

October 25, 2017

April?! APRIL?! 

How in the heck have I been gone since April?
Honestly... I have no idea.
Life got in the way.

No excuses, I'm back hopefully for good now!
*Fingers Crossed*

A little update, life has been good for the most part!
We got ourselves a kitten and she's flipping adorable!

Welcome Hazel

This is back in April the night we got her!

This was yesterday! She's grown a ton!

Bella is still playing softball like crazy! 
She started pitching a lot more this season and loves it.
This is All Stars when they won 2nd place in their tournament!
We were all so proud of them & their accomplishments!

This is Fall Ball and how much she's grown as a softball player in the past year!

Another amazing time was going with some of my best friends to San Francisco a few weeks ago! 
We had the best time, some of the best wines I've ever had & definitely amazing food!
We had a "flannel day" and just had a blast checking out the city for 3 days!

Last big thing lately was seeing JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in concert last weekend!
It was Eric's birthday/Father's Day gift & he got to check something off his bucket list!
He performed at F1 races here in Austin & was incredible!
Only downside is his concert wasn't long enough!
(Pic from his Instagram because I didn't take any good pics!)

Overall it's been an exciting few months, 
but I promise to start blogging more as much as possible!
Our girls have a softball tournament this weekend,
so Monday there will be pictures posted!
Go Blue Thunder!!

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Happy Easter

April 16, 2017

We celebrated Easter a day early with Eric's family.
It was perfect, bbq, Easter egg hunt, swimming, etc.
We all had a great time!

How rare when we all get dressed up!
Here's an action shot from yesterday...
We love smashing cascarones on each other,
even the babies get a kick out of it!

Today we went to church to celebrate Easter,
then headed home to clean inside and outside.
Woo!! We're exciting!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful Easter.
Blogging will commence again soon! 
(With longer posts as well!)

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Man How I Love Weekends!

March 26, 2017

We really do have some of the best weekends together. 
Friday night we went to Pluckers with our good friends and caught up on life,
but ended the night early since Bella had pictures & a double header the next day.

Saturday morning we were up bright & early for softball!
The Wildfire (Bella's softball team) did awesome 
and won both games!
Us Momma's cheered the whole time for them!

After the games we took Bella & her twin,
aka best friend, Allison to the Round Rock Express
Fan Fare Day!
Seriously, they look like twins!
We get asked all the time if I love having twin girls!
They're great girls, and we love letting them have 
as much fun as possible!

Bella tried out her pitching skills on the diamond
and didn't do too badly...
minus almost hitting Eric once!

Saturday night was pj's and movie at home night.
And we loved it!

Sunday we celebrate Cansas' last girls day in style!
me, Sonia, Cansas, Sara, & Tin

These are most of the girls (minus Sandra!) I posted about last week.
They're so awesome & we always have a great time together!
Cansas is going to be missed like crazy,
but we're so happy for you getting to move home.
Love you!
Love love love these ladies!

We're ending the night with grilled spare ribs,
tv, and family time.
My perfect end to a perfect weekend.
Bring on Monday!
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