Big Remodel Reveal #1

January 10, 2017

I know I've been MIA on this blog for quite a while, 
but BIG THINGS have happened lately 
and it's kept me quite busy!

One of the biggest things being we remodeled our downstairs!
The picture above is before with our original carpet that was 
Who puts white carpet in a house?! 
Moving on...

Here's another before picture from a different angle:

For 2 weeks my husband and his dad worked tirelessly making our floors look amazing!
Ready for the reveal?!

And the kitchen...

We are SO HAPPY with how it turned out!!
It makes a world of difference in our home,
we couldn't be happier.

Thank you to my amazing husband & his awesome Dad 
for making our house look so much better!

Tomorrow (hopefully!)
I will show the before and after of our half bath.
It's COMPLETELY remodeled!

 photo 3_zpsxmppg7vk.jpg

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