2 Months?!

March 19, 2017

First off, how has it been 2 months since I've blogged?! 
I do apologize for being a crappy blogger, 
but life took hold and hasn't slowed down.

Lots of changes happened...
I got a new job working for an amazing doctor & PA's 
here in Austin. I work part time, so I still get to spend plenty
of time with Bella after school. 

Bella started back in softball and has become a 1st baseman. 
She looks awesome and we're so proud of her!
The day after her 1st game, Bella had a recital at school.
She looked beautiful and so grown up. 
Bella & her best friend Allison, team mates & best friends!
They both looked so pretty and did such a great job singing.

We've been traveling around Texas a lot on weekends
until softball gets into full swing.
We went to the Alamo & Riverwalk yesterday and had a great time!

We've also been lucky enough to spend some time with friends, 
having girl's nights, bridesmaid's dress shopping, etc.
Last night we got to spend the evening with friends on the lake,
watching the sunset & drinking yummy margaritas!
It was amazing!

The next coming months will revolve around work,
school, softball, & most importantly FAMILY.

Let's hope I can start blogging more than once every couple of months as well!
Fingers crossed!
Thanks for sticking around!
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