Man How I Love Weekends!

March 26, 2017

We really do have some of the best weekends together. 
Friday night we went to Pluckers with our good friends and caught up on life,
but ended the night early since Bella had pictures & a double header the next day.

Saturday morning we were up bright & early for softball!
The Wildfire (Bella's softball team) did awesome 
and won both games!
Us Momma's cheered the whole time for them!

After the games we took Bella & her twin,
aka best friend, Allison to the Round Rock Express
Fan Fare Day!
Seriously, they look like twins!
We get asked all the time if I love having twin girls!
They're great girls, and we love letting them have 
as much fun as possible!

Bella tried out her pitching skills on the diamond
and didn't do too badly...
minus almost hitting Eric once!

Saturday night was pj's and movie at home night.
And we loved it!

Sunday we celebrate Cansas' last girls day in style!
me, Sonia, Cansas, Sara, & Tin

These are most of the girls (minus Sandra!) I posted about last week.
They're so awesome & we always have a great time together!
Cansas is going to be missed like crazy,
but we're so happy for you getting to move home.
Love you!
Love love love these ladies!

We're ending the night with grilled spare ribs,
tv, and family time.
My perfect end to a perfect weekend.
Bring on Monday!
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