My Girls

March 22, 2017

See I have this set group of girls that get together at least once a month.
They're all amazing in their own ways,
but together we are insane, fearless, & have the best time.
We meet for drinks, dinner, at someone's house, and this weekend brunch!
These girls are ones we can always talk about anything to.
The kind we can send a mass text about anything,
big or small, and they will all text back to help!
A few girls come and go from the group but the main ones
will never leave,
even if they move away,
they will always be our girls!
I feel like every woman,
no matter what age,
should have their girls.
The ones you can turn to any time you need.
I love these girls, and know we will always
be the closest girls we can be.

Love you all & Cansas we will miss you terribly!
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