Where Have I Been?!

October 25, 2017

April?! APRIL?! 

How in the heck have I been gone since April?
Honestly... I have no idea.
Life got in the way.

No excuses, I'm back hopefully for good now!
*Fingers Crossed*

A little update, life has been good for the most part!
We got ourselves a kitten and she's flipping adorable!

Welcome Hazel

This is back in April the night we got her!

This was yesterday! She's grown a ton!

Bella is still playing softball like crazy! 
She started pitching a lot more this season and loves it.
This is All Stars when they won 2nd place in their tournament!
We were all so proud of them & their accomplishments!

This is Fall Ball and how much she's grown as a softball player in the past year!

Another amazing time was going with some of my best friends to San Francisco a few weeks ago! 
We had the best time, some of the best wines I've ever had & definitely amazing food!
We had a "flannel day" and just had a blast checking out the city for 3 days!

Last big thing lately was seeing JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in concert last weekend!
It was Eric's birthday/Father's Day gift & he got to check something off his bucket list!
He performed at F1 races here in Austin & was incredible!
Only downside is his concert wasn't long enough!
(Pic from his Instagram because I didn't take any good pics!)

Overall it's been an exciting few months, 
but I promise to start blogging more as much as possible!
Our girls have a softball tournament this weekend,
so Monday there will be pictures posted!
Go Blue Thunder!!

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