Weekend Wrap Up

November 6, 2017

Oh what a weekend!
We started with the Austin Spurs game Friday night.
Bella's choir sung the National Anthem before the game stared.

The 3 of us before her choir performance!

Walking out to sing the National Anthem!

They did great and we stayed the whole time.
The Spurs won by 40 points that night!

Saturday morning was Bella's last game with Blue Thunder.
They came back in the last inning to tie the game!
Way to go girls!
This team did great this season going 14-7-1!

Right after the game, you could tell they were all a little worn out after a great game!
They got their medals afterwards, 
it was a bittersweet ending to a great season!

We finished the day off right,
going to watch the Longhorn Softball team!

They ended up winning 7-1!
We came home to watch The Horns football team on tv,
but they didn't do as well... 
not our season!

Sunday was a bunch of running around, 
followed by me making homemade lasagna!

I got it from The Pioneer Woman.
It turned out AMAZING!!
Bella & Eric loved it!!

Now we start a week of all star softball practices,
choir performances, 
and the all star softball tournament this weekend!

One day our lives will settle down and return to normal,
but for now, 
we're pretty happy being insanely busy!

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