My Hair Staples

December 6, 2017

I've got 3 hair staples that I always use when I wash my hair,
now granted, the shampoo changes every 3-4 months,
but these are my favorites... for now!

This stuff is what miracles are made of!
Seriously, I can't use any other conditioner 
or my hair feels terrible.
This makes it soft and helps
with the blow dry, curling irons, 
and flat irons I use!
I can't live without it.

This is my go to leave in conditioner.
It's lightweight, so it doesn't wear my hair done,
and it helps with the heating tools also.
Can't have too much defense against heat!
Definitely something I can't leave out.

This is my new favorite shampoo!
It really helps heal my hair,
and keeps it frizz free at the same time.
Plus is smells great too!

These favorites sometimes change, 
especially the shampoos,
but overall I can't live without them!
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Favorite Shows Lately!

December 4, 2017

My family got rid of cable back in September
and got PS Vue for Roku.

Since then, I have started watching 
more shows that I would have never watched before.
There are a few that I have loved 
and finished watching the entire series 
within days!

Here's a few of my favorites:

Few things:
2) If you loved That 70's Show, you'll love this!

It's a Dramady, but I have laughed so much watching this show!
It's about Colt Bennett moving back to his family's ranch 
after 15 years trying to be a football player.
It has quite a few actors from That 70's Show 
including Ashton Kutcher (Colt Bennett).
Eric & I have watched the entire 3 parts (seasons).
The 4th part comes out December 15th, 
and I can honestly say we will watch it ALL that night!

Apparently I have a thing for Netflix lately...
Glitch is an Australian drama 
about the dead coming back to life.
Not like The Walking Dead type show,
but more like they are normal and don't know 
why they're alive again.
I am NOT a Sci-Fi person at all,
but this show is pretty awesome!

There has been 2 seasons so far (both really good!)
and here's to hoping Season 3 comes out in 2018!

Not that this is new, 
but definitely my favorite!
Outlander is about time travel in Scotland.
And yes Jamie is HOTT. 
But the show is amazing,
the costumes are inspiring,
and the premise and cast are the best!
Season 3 is ending soon, 
and I have no doubt Season 4 
will be coming around 2019!

So if you're free one day 
(I usually end up starting a show on a sick day)
check out one of the shows mentioned.
Also, if there are any great shows out,
let me know!!

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Weekend Wrap Up

December 3, 2017

Such a fun and busy weekend we've had!
Saturday we went to Bella's friend, Connor's soccer game!

He played so well, and they tied their game!

We headed to lunch with friends, 
then picked up Bella's other bestie 
and took them to Kindnesspalooza!

Are they crazy?! 
Heck yeah and that's why we love them!

They had a good time, 
listened to good music, 
and then went to our park to play!

We ended the night with sushi
with our best friends,
then hanging out with neighbors out front
the rest of the evening.

It was perfect!

Today we went to church,
then went to IFly to book Bella's birthday party!
She's insanely excited 
to have her party there!

Now it's relaxing & making 
Oven Tacos tonight for dinner.
Seriously delicious!!

Hope everyone has a happy Sunday
and a great week ahead!
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