Let's Try Again

February 27, 2018

Sometimes it feels like life is getting away from me.
The holidays came & went, then Bella's 11th birthday, 
basketball season, and now we're back to softball.

I LOVE being a Mom. 
Seriously it was what I was put on this Earth to do.
Being a mom and wife is absolutely amazing!
But it also gets stressful.
Any good mom out there knows that sometimes she feels like she is failing.
Even though we aren't, sometimes it just feels like life is overwhelming.

So I apologize for never blogging anymore.
I am going to really try and get back to it.
Blogging is a passion of mine,
and I hope I can try to keep it going.

To update everyone,
Bella started back to softball recently and loves it!

She has been going to pitching lessons, 
and last night you could tell they are working!
She pitched so well, we are so proud of her!

Her basketball team has gone undefeated all season!
They are playing great and finishing up the season this weekend 
with a tournament. Fingers crossed they win first place!

Last thing,
I have decided to go back to working full time.
I've been a stay at home mom for a few months and love it,
but Bella is getting older (starting middle school next year!! Eeek!) 
And I think she is ready to try and stay on her own for an hour after school ends next year.
Hoping I find something amazing soon!

So until I get back on here,
here's to a great week and even better weekend ahead!
Happy Tuesday!

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