September 14, 2018

This year has brought many firsts for Belle and our family.
We now have a pre-teen, 
which means tons of firsts, especially for her.

Yesterday was her first Cotillion Class. 
In case, you are not sure what that is, it's definitely a Southern tradition.
Boys and Girls from middle through high school 
take classes on how to properly dance, 
eat, sit, manners, etc. 
They all have to dress very nice as well. 
The girls in dresses, the boys in button down shirts and slacks. 
At the end they have a formal dance,
which for us will be in February.

Bella before her class last night!

Her first time to really wear makeup and she let me do her hair!
Never happens...

She also goes to her first middle school dance tonight!
To say she is nervous, is an understatement.
She couldn't even eat breakfast this morning, 
it was adorable.

It's really a growing stage for Bella and us!
We are getting used to dresses, girly things, 
and not always wanting to spend time with her parents.
The last part hurts me a little, not gonna lie.

But even with all this growing up she is doing, 
she still hugs us tight, 
& tells us she loves us constantly.

She is still that sporty girl
who loves softball,
her friends,
and her teammates 
more than you can imagine.

And she is still my Sweet Little Bella Belle.
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