We Did It!

September 24, 2018

We did it! 
We actually got to play a softball game!
Actually 2 softball games! It's a miracle!

This is how sad it is,
she had a game Thursday... cancelled. 
Had practice Friday, cut short due to lightning. 
Game Saturday morning... cancelled due to rain.

Her coach sent an email out Saturday evening asking who could play Sunday.
Literally every parent on the team said YES!!

These girls played back to back games 

Belle did amazing!
She was first up to bat on the very fist pitch,
she got a HOME RUN!!!

She also pitched both games, 129 pitches and had 
48% strikes with 7 strike outs. 
She looked awesome as well as her whole team.
These girls can play!

I say it every season, 
and I am honest every time. 
But this season is something different.
Every girl can hit, field, run, etc.
They really look like a select team, 
and I can't wait for the rest of the season!

Happy Monday!
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