October 10, 2018

Goodness it's been hot all season so far. 
We are FINALLY getting a cool front in!

Seriously, all month and last month we have had nothing but rain.
We live in Texas, where we are supposed to be sunny and warm,
lately it's been rainy and muggy

Our girls have missed so many softball games and practice, 
we've lost count. 
We finally are getting a tournament in this weekend,
and praying the weather holds out for us!

We can barely get Belle outside to practice pitching, 
but anytime it dries out long enough to throw a few balls,
she is out there practicing!

We had a beautiful night yesterday, 
after the storms cleared, it was sunny and the sunset was amazing!

We made sure and got her out to practice,
she honestly misses not playing so she jumps at the chance.
I'm also excited to start making my soups and winter dinners soon!
Seriously, if you haven't go to my recipes and try a few out!

Both are absolutely amazing!
I will be making both of these either Sunday night or sometime next week.

Lastly, I can't tell you how excited our household was this past weekend. 


Eric went absolutely insane over them winning!
It's been a long time, but our Horns are back to the team 
we always knew they would be!

Texas Forever!

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