Letter to My Pitcher... My Daughter

October 19, 2018

I saw this Open Letter today online, 
and thought, 
I totally need to do this for my daughter, 
in my own words.

To my Daughter & Favorite Pitcher:

First and most importantly, 
I love you with my whole heart,
whether you pitch or not,
have a great game or not,
I am here, 
I am proud of you,
and above all 
I love you.

I know you try your hardest to be a great pitcher,
working nightly on your movements,
getting faster, 
and you literally put your 
sweat and tears into this game.

I know that it frustrates you 
when you see girls trying to pitch 
thinking it looks easy,
what they don't know is
that you pitch every single day.
When they get a day off,
you are on the side of the house, 
closest field,
even a parking lot,
pitching 75-100 balls.

But know that they try because of you.
You and your teammates that pitch,
make it look easy.
You make it look like anyone can do it,
but you know that it's not true.

And when you have a bad game,
I know you look over at me,
and I am there to reassure you,
that you are doing great and to keep going.
I along with you have had to learn
to remain calm and positive,
and just have fun.

My favorite thing in this world 
is watching you play.
And I promise to always be there,
cheering you on silently 
while you are on that mound.
I promise to smile and give a thumbs up
when you throw a ball.

And when you are done for the day,
I promise to give you a huge hug, 
tell you how amazing you played,
and get you ice cream on the way home.

Because one day,
I know these games will be in the past.
You will go home with your friends,
not me and your Dad.
You will be more into boys and makeup 
than softball,
and although I hope it never comes,
you will be done with pitching.

Until then,
I will be the one playing your walkup music,
cheering every strike, 
every hit you make,
knowing how hard you have worked 
to be where you are.



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