October 29, 2018

I have never done this before on my blog, 
but today I am going to step up on my soapbox for a moment.
I'm not one to complain or get upset too often here, 
but today I am.

This past weekend our girls has a REC softball tournament in town.
They played tough and beat some really good teams, 
but the game we played Sunday morning was torture.
These girl SCREAMED at my daughter while she pitched,
trying to throw her off.
They made fun of our girl's walk up songs,
literally just tore our team apart.
Our girls have NEVER acted this way towards any team.

Trust me, I get that it's a competitive sport,
but to blatantly act like that to 11 & 12 year old girls 
is downright pitiful.
The umps did nothing about it,
but when our girls even tried to start a chant, 
they sure halted us calling it unsportsmanlike! 
My daughter,
God Bless her, was in tears!! 
She literally was a bundle of nerves.
She felt like she was going to get sick, 
she was so upset.

I am sorry, 
but if you have to act like that to win a game,
you don't deserve to be playing 
this amazing sport!

Softball teaches girls to become family,
that each teammate of theirs is their sister.
That they treat EVERYONE with respect. 
And above all, 
to become a better person inside and out.
I pray for the team we played,
that one day they realize how horrible
they treat opposing teams, 
and learn to be better players.

And now I am stepping off my soapbox. 
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